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Defending Fraud by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO)

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) are responsible for investigating and prosecuting serious or complex fraud, or corruption.

At SJ Law, our expert lawyers can assist you by defending the most serious and complex fraud issues, it is important for you to team up with a firm who can counter the SFO.

The SFO can use their law-making powers to gather the evidence which is needed to build cases and it is therefore important that your chosen firm be in a position to oppose or resist attempts to obtain evidence in an unfair or unlawful manner.

Defending fraud by the CPS

Within CPS, was established the Central Fraud Division (CFD). This was set up to provide a specialist prosecution and advisory service for complex, sensitive and high value fraud cases.

The CFD divides its work into two categories fiscal and non-fiscal.

Fiscal crimes include activities such as tax fraud, tax evasions etc.

Non-fiscal crimes include taking money directly from others.

The Economic Crime Command

The aim of the Economic Crime Command is to tackle serious economic and financial crime. They seek to do this by undermining those who engage in unlawful activity and seeking to educating institutions and organisations that are mostly seriously at risk of attack.

The Economic Crime Command expands over a range of crimes including, but not limited to:

* Serious fraud

* Intellectual Property crime

* Organised Identity crime

* The production and movement of Counterfeit currency

The approach the Economic Crime Command take is to pursue those who are suspected of committing or being involved in economic crime against the UK or UK citizens.

If you think your business or personal activities might attract the attention of The Economic Crime Command, contact SJ Law so that we can investigate your concerns and help you through this difficult process.

At SJ Law we pride ourselves with being the very best at giving legal advice with regards to criminal defence. If you want nothing but the best you can contact us and speak to one of our specialist lawyers regarding your confiscation matter.

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